Top 6 Steps In Planning Out A Successful Church Event


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For many of us who are a part of a church family, hosting and attending church events are quite common activities we partake in. Church events, like any other events, need preparation for them to be carried out successfully.

In all honesty, there is no one perfect way of preparing for a church event. However, there are important factors that need to be targeted even at the planning stage for it to translate into a successful outcome.

This blog is here to point out the top 5 steps every church event organizer has to take into account (you may also check out legal services facts in this site).

The 6 Steps in Church Event Planning

Know the purpose of the event

First and foremost, determine the goal or the purpose of the event. As we all know, there are many types of church events; the event could be for a fellowship, fund-raising, or perhaps, an outreach program, etc. Knowing the type of event is crucial since it will guide you in the next steps.

Plan the event program flow

As much as possible, your plan must be detailed in order to properly take into account the estimated costs. Planning the program flow means determining the number of people who will attend the event, the time the event will start and end; here, you must also determine what activities are to be done during the duration of the event.

Know the menu for the event

Like any other event, the food choice is definitely important. The program’s menu, however, depends on the type of event being hosted. Determine if a simple snack would do the trick or if the event needs a heavy meal. Furthermore, if we’re hosting a, let’s say, feeding program, then that is entirely a different story.

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Plan the setup for the event

Determine the venue as well as the time in order for you to know how things should be set up. Usually, you will be needing a projector (which you can get from Outdoor Movie HQ), a sound system (speakers, instruments, amplifiers, etc.), tables and chairs and a tent (if the event is outdoors).

Visualize how the venue should look like on the day of the event. Plan ahead where to project, how the seats will be arranged, where to place the speakers, etc. Moreover, always have a backup plan in case the primary plan won’t work.

Set the budget for the event

After laying out the flow of the event and after determining the equipment and other essentials needed for the event to be possible, you can now estimate the expenses. If the costs seem to be beyond the church budget then you’ll still have time to make adjustments in order to lessen the expenses.

Promote the event

Last but not the least, do not forget to promote the event. You can easily do this through the use of internet, social media, online advertisements, etc. This is especially beneficial for your event if there are not much event-goers on the list.


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